OKLAHOMA Homestead Exemption

The OLKAHOMA Homestead Exemption

  A Homestead Exemption is an exemption of $1,000 of the assessed valuation of your primary residence. In tax year 2019, this was a savings of $73 to $142 depending on which county you live in. 

  In addition to the tax savings, a Homestead Exemption may protect your property from siezure and sale under certain conditions.  Specifially, it may prevent the forced sale of a home to meet the demands of creditors, (usually except mortgages, mechanics liens, or sales to pay property taxes) and protects the the surviving spouse with shelter in the case of a death.  

To Qualify
  -  You must be the homeowner of record who resides on the property by January 1.

  - The property deed must be notarized on or before January 1 and filed with the County Clerk's Office on or before February 1.

  - You must be a resident of Oklahoma.

  -  Homestead Exemption applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. However, the application must be filed by March 15 or within 30 days from the mailing date indicated on the "Notice of Increase in Valuation of Real Property" to be approved for the current year. 

  You can download theOklahoma Homestead Exemption form here: OK Homestead Exemption Form

  Each county has it's own proceedures for filing the exemption.  Some will allow you to fill out the form online, others require you to mail it it or take it to the county courthouse.  Check the Assessor's office website for the best information for filing in your county.